RATWORKS’ founder doesn’t just exist in a 3D environment – he works in 2D as well, making some beautiful brands, logos and idents for clients in the indie market through to commercial scale operations. RATWORKS support the whole project of rebranding your business or project from start to finish to your brand guidelines. Don’t have brand guidelines? Let’s put some in place together. All of this can be daunting, but with RATWORKS in your toolkit, you can be certain that you get what you need with the best customer experience you’ve ever had all resulting in a fantastic product that you can be proud of.


As any creative worth their salt will tell you, the tools don’t really matter – the ideas will come whether its with a biro on the back of a napkin, or with a 3D power-house computer doing a billion tera-flops of processing every second. That said, we all still have a go-to toolset, featuring the suites from Adobe, Microsoft, Maxon and much more. If you’re more interested in the technology, come follow the rat.