Music Project: Franklyn – PLAID

Work has completed on the new Franklyn album “Plaid“. Featuring 9 tracks ranging from traditional Scottish music reimagined, to pop, electronica, folk, dance and beyond.


RATWORKS played a key role in the development of this project, providing recording facilities, additional music, session players, graphics, rebranding and photography, drone services, mixing, engineering, videography, video production and most important of all, guidance in the creation of a work that means so much to Franklyn on her route to taking over the world (or at the very least, the west coast).

Check out for more info.

Technology and Skillset:
Ableton Live: Music Recording, production, mixing and mastering
Mixing Stacks: Waves Audio, Native Instruments Kontakt, FabFilter, Izotope RX / Insight, Oxford Audio
Session Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Piano, Synthsizers
Audio Interfaces by Focusrite
Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Video production on music videos “Love Song” and “Dreams”
Adobe Lightroom CC: Photo Development (album artwork)
Adobe Illustrator CC: Logo Design and rebranding
Adobe After Effects CC: Motion graphics and CGI
Adobe Photoshop: Artwork Design / Development
Drones provided by DJI | Microphones by Aston | Cameras by Canon
Organisation and collaboration via OneNote and Microsoft Project