BRAND Sushi Beauty Bites

Beauty with a fresh approach…

After being contacted by the industrious Sushi, the name sake of the beauty brand, I was immediately aware that although I could make educated guesses as to what make-up product marketing logo looked like, I had no clue as to what Sushi’s approach would be.

Usually I’ll be provided a few links, maybe some colour choices, but not this time. Sushi provided me with some source images with a Japanese taste to them, but with a surprising request, to have something that wasn’t too “feminine” or “pretty”.

This wasn’t a direction designed to appeal to a default target audience, it was a marketing spin to also tap into a more niche market where something a little more complex, possibly even a little darker than one might expect from bubble gum and pink glitter. This resulted in a vampire geisha decal mounted on a worn down wall with hard edge text all spread around the key element in all of this… Beauty.

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